Volkswagen parts left control arm 191407151b

AUTO CONTROL ARM FOR SEAT VW SEATSEAT  CORDOBA (6K1, 6K2) 1.4 i1390444Saloon1994-1999SEAT  CORDOBA (6K1, 6K2) 1.4 i 16V1390744Saloon1996-1999SEAT  CORDOBA (6K1, 6K2) 1.6 i1598554Saloon1993-1999SEAT  CORDOBA (6K1, 6K2) 1.6 i1595744Saloon1996-1999SEAT  CORDOBA (6K1, 6K2)

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Left Control Arm for VW Car Parts 191407151b
SEAT  CORDOBA (6K1, 6K2) 1.4 i1390444Saloon1994-1999
SEAT  CORDOBA (6K1, 6K2) 1.4 i 16V1390744Saloon1996-1999
SEAT  CORDOBA (6K1, 6K2) 1.6 i1598554Saloon1993-1999
SEAT  CORDOBA (6K1, 6K2) 1.6 i1595744Saloon1996-1999
SEAT  CORDOBA (6K1, 6K2) 1.6 i1595554Saloon1994-1999
SEAT  CORDOBA (6K1, 6K2) 1.8 i1781664Saloon1993-1999
SEAT  CORDOBA (6K1, 6K2) 1.8 i 16V1781954Saloon1993-1996
SEAT  CORDOBA (6K1, 6K2) 1.9 D1896504Saloon1993-1996
SEAT  CORDOBA (6K1, 6K2) 1.9 D1896474Saloon1996-1996
SEAT  CORDOBA (6K1, 6K2) 1.9 SDI1896474Saloon1996-1999
SEAT  CORDOBA (6K1, 6K2) 1.9 TD1896554Saloon1993-1996
SEAT  CORDOBA (6K1, 6K2) 1.9 TDI1896664Saloon1996-1999
SEAT  CORDOBA (6K1, 6K2) 1.9 TDI1896814Saloon1997-1999
SEAT  CORDOBA (6K1, 6K2) 2.0 i1984854Saloon1993-1999
SEAT  CORDOBA (6K1, 6K2) 2.0 i 16V19841104Saloon1996-1999
SEAT  CORDOBA (6K2) 1.0999374Saloon1999-2002
SEAT  CORDOBA (6K2) 1.41390444Saloon1999-2002
SEAT  CORDOBA (6K2) 1.4 16V1390554Saloon2000-2002
SEAT  CORDOBA (6K2) 1.61598554Saloon1999-2002
SEAT  CORDOBA (6K2) 1.61595744Saloon1999-2002
SEAT  CORDOBA (6K2) 1.8 T 20V Cupra17811154Saloon2000-2002
SEAT  CORDOBA (6K2) 1.9 SDI1896504Saloon1999-2002
SEAT  CORDOBA (6K2) 1.9 TDI1896664Saloon1999-2002
SEAT  CORDOBA (6K2) 1.9 TDI1896814Saloon1999-2002
SEAT  CORDOBA Vario (6K5) 1.4 i1390444Estate1996-1999
SEAT  CORDOBA Vario (6K5) 1.6 i1595744Estate1996-1999
SEAT  CORDOBA Vario (6K5) 1.6 i1598554Estate1996-1999
SEAT  CORDOBA Vario (6K5) 1.6 i1595554Estate1997-1999
SEAT  CORDOBA Vario (6K5) 1.9 SDI1896474Estate1996-1999
SEAT  CORDOBA Vario (6K5) 1.9 TDI1896664Estate1996-1999
SEAT  CORDOBA Vario (6K5) 1.9 TDI1896814Estate1997-1999
SEAT  IBIZA II (6K1) 1.01043334Hatchback1993-1996
SEAT  IBIZA II (6K1) 1.0 i999374Hatchback1996-1999
SEAT  IBIZA II (6K1) 1.3 i1272404Hatchback1993-1999
SEAT  IBIZA II (6K1) 1.4 i1390444Hatchback1993-1999
SEAT  IBIZA II (6K1) 1.4 i 16V1390744Hatchback1997-1999
SEAT  IBIZA II (6K1) 1.6 i1598554Hatchback1993-1999
SEAT  IBIZA II (6K1) 1.6 i1595744Hatchback1996-1999
SEAT  IBIZA II (6K1) 1.8 i1781664Hatchback1993-1999
SEAT  IBIZA II (6K1) 1.8 i 16V1781954Hatchback1993-1996
SEAT  IBIZA II (6K1) 1.9 D1896504Hatchback1994-1996
SEAT  IBIZA II (6K1) 1.9 D1896474Hatchback1993-1996
SEAT  IBIZA II (6K1) 1.9 SDI1896474Hatchback1996-1999
SEAT  IBIZA II (6K1) 1.9 TD1896554Hatchback1993-1996
SEAT  IBIZA II (6K1) 1.9 TDI1896664Hatchback1996-1999
SEAT  IBIZA II (6K1) 1.9 TDI1896814Hatchback1997-1999
SEAT  IBIZA II (6K1) 2.0 i1984854Hatchback1993-1999
SEAT  IBIZA II (6K1) 2.0 i 16V19841104Hatchback1996-1999
SEAT  IBIZA III (6K1) 1.0999374Hatchback1999-2002
SEAT  IBIZA III (6K1) 1.41390444Hatchback1999-2002
SEAT  IBIZA III (6K1) 1.4 16V1390554Hatchback2000-2002
SEAT  IBIZA III (6K1) 1.4 16V1390744Hatchback1999-2002
SEAT  IBIZA III (6K1) 1.61595744Hatchback1999-2002
SEAT  IBIZA III (6K1) 1.61598554Hatchback1999-2002
SEAT  IBIZA III (6K1) 1.8 T 20V Cupra17811154Hatchback2000-2002
SEAT  IBIZA III (6K1) 1.9 SDI1896504Hatchback1999-2002
SEAT  IBIZA III (6K1) 1.9 TDI1896664Hatchback1999-2002
SEAT  IBIZA III (6K1) 1.9 TDI1896814Hatchback1999-2002
SEAT  INCA (6K9) 1.4 i1390444Box1995-2003
SEAT  INCA (6K9) 1.6 i1595554Box1995-1998
SEAT  INCA (6K9) 1.7 D1716424Box1996-2003
SEAT  INCA (6K9) 1.9 D1896474Box1995-2003
SEAT  INCA (6K9) 1.9 SDI1896474Box1995-2003
SEAT  INCA (6K9) 1.9 TDI1896664Box1996-2003
SEAT  TOLEDO I (1L) 1.6 i1595544Hatchback1991-1999
SEAT  TOLEDO I (1L) 1.6 i1595524Hatchback1991-1993
SEAT  TOLEDO I (1L) 1.6 i1595554Hatchback1993-1999
SEAT  TOLEDO I (1L) 1.6 i1595744Hatchback1996-1999
SEAT  TOLEDO I (1L) 1.8 16V1781984Hatchback1991-1999
SEAT  TOLEDO I (1L) 1.8 16V1781924Hatchback1991-1999
SEAT  TOLEDO I (1L) 1.8 i1781654Hatchback1991-1996
SEAT  TOLEDO I (1L) 1.8 i1781664Hatchback1993-1996
SEAT  TOLEDO I (1L) 1.9 D1896504Hatchback1991-1999
SEAT  TOLEDO I (1L) 1.9 D1896474Hatchback1995-1999
SEAT  TOLEDO I (1L) 1.9 TD1896554Hatchback1991-1999
SEAT  TOLEDO I (1L) 1.9 TDI1896664Hatchback1995-1999
SEAT  TOLEDO I (1L) 1.9 TDI1896814Hatchback1996-1999
SEAT  TOLEDO I (1L) 2.0 i1984854Hatchback1991-1999
VW  CADDY II Box (9K9A) 1.9 D1896474Box1995-2004
VW  CADDY II Box (9K9A) 1.9 SDI1896474Box1995-2004
VW  CADDY II Box (9K9A) 1.9 TDI1896664Box1996-2004
VW  CADDY II Box (9K9A) 60 1.41390444Box1995-2004
VW  CADDY II Box (9K9A) 75 1.61598554Box1995-2000
VW  CADDY II Box (9K9A) 75 1.61595554Box1995-1997
VW  CADDY II Estate (9K9B) 1.41390444Estate1995-2004
VW  CADDY II Estate (9K9B) 1.4 16V1390554Estate2000-2004
VW  CADDY II Estate (9K9B) 1.61595554Estate1995-1997
VW  CADDY II Estate (9K9B) 1.61598554Estate1997-2000
VW  CADDY II Estate (9K9B) 1.9 D1896474Estate1995-2004
VW  CADDY II Estate (9K9B) 1.9 SDI1896474Estate1995-2004
VW  CADDY II Estate (9K9B) 1.9 TDI1896664Estate1996-2004
VW  CADDY II Pickup (9U7) 1.61598554Pickup1996-2000
VW  CORRADO (53I) 1.8 16V17811004Coupe1989-1992
VW  CORRADO (53I) 1.8 G6017811184Coupe1988-1993
VW  CORRADO (53I) 2.0 i1984854Coupe1993-1995
VW  CORRADO (53I) 2.0 i 16V19841004Coupe1991-1995
VW  GOLF II (19E, 1G1) 1.01043334Hatchback1983-1985
VW  GOLF II (19E, 1G1) 1.01043374Hatchback1985-1991
VW  GOLF II (19E, 1G1) 1.31272404Hatchback1983-1987
VW  GOLF II (19E, 1G1) 1.3 CAT1272404Hatchback1986-1992
VW  GOLF II (19E, 1G1) 1.61595514Hatchback1986-1992
VW  GOLF II (19E, 1G1) 1.61595534Hatchback1986-1991
VW  GOLF II (19E, 1G1) 1.61595554Hatchback1983-1992
VW  GOLF II (19E, 1G1) 1.6 D1588404Hatchback1983-1991
VW  GOLF II (19E, 1G1) 1.6 TD1588514Hatchback1983-1991
VW  GOLF II (19E, 1G1) 1.6 TD1588594Hatchback1989-1991
VW  GOLF II (19E, 1G1) 1.6 TD1589444Hatchback1989-1991
VW  GOLF II (19E, 1G1) 1.81781624Hatchback1986-1990
VW  GOLF II (19E, 1G1) 1.81781664Hatchback1984-1991
VW  GOLF II (19E, 1G1) 1.8 GTI1781824Hatchback1983-1991
VW  GOLF II (19E, 1G1) 1.8 GTI1781794Hatchback1985-1987
VW  GOLF II (19E, 1G1) 1.8 GTI 16V1781954Hatchback1986-1991
VW  GOLF II (19E, 1G1) 1.8 GTI 16V17811024Hatchback1986-1990
VW  GOLF II (19E, 1G1) 1.8 GTI CAT1781794Hatchback1987-1991
VW  GOLF II (19E, 1G1) 1.8 GTI G6017811184Hatchback1990-1991
VW  GOLF II (19E, 1G1) 1.8 GTI G60 Syncro17811184Hatchback1988-1991
VW  GOLF II (19E, 1G1) 1.8 Syncro1781664Hatchback1986-1991
VW  GOLF II (19E, 1G1) 1.8 Syncro1781724Hatchback1988-1991
VW  GOLF II (19E, 1G1) 1.8 i CAT1781664Hatchback1987-1991
VW  GOLF II (19E, 1G1) 1.8 i Syncro CAT1781664Hatchback1987-1991
VW  JETTA Mk II (19E, 1G2, 165) 1.31272404Saloon1984-1987
VW  JETTA Mk II (19E, 1G2, 165) 1.3 CAT1272404Saloon1987-1991
VW  JETTA Mk II (19E, 1G2, 165) 1.61595514Saloon1986-1991
VW  JETTA Mk II (19E, 1G2, 165) 1.61595534Saloon1986-1991
VW  JETTA Mk II (19E, 1G2, 165) 1.61595554Saloon1984-1992
VW  JETTA Mk II (19E, 1G2, 165) 1.6 D1588404Saloon1984-1991
VW  JETTA Mk II (19E, 1G2, 165) 1.6 TD1588514Saloon1984-1991
VW  JETTA Mk II (19E, 1G2, 165) 1.6 TD1588594Saloon1989-1991
VW  JETTA Mk II (19E, 1G2, 165) 1.6 TD1589444Saloon1990-1991
VW  JETTA Mk II (19E, 1G2, 165) 1.81781624Saloon1986-1990
VW  JETTA Mk II (19E, 1G2, 165) 1.81781824Saloon1984-1991
VW  JETTA Mk II (19E, 1G2, 165) 1.81781794Saloon1985-1987
VW  JETTA Mk II (19E, 1G2, 165) 1.81781664Saloon1984-1991
VW  JETTA Mk II (19E, 1G2, 165) 1.8 16V1781954Saloon1986-1991
VW  JETTA Mk II (19E, 1G2, 165) 1.8 16V17811024Saloon1987-1989
VW  JETTA Mk II (19E, 1G2, 165) 1.8 CAT1781664Saloon1987-1991
VW  JETTA Mk II (19E, 1G2, 165) 1.8 CAT1781794Saloon1987-1991
VW  JETTA Mk II (19E, 1G2, 165) 1.8 Syncro1781724Saloon1988-1991
VW  JETTA Mk II (19E, 1G2, 165) 1.8 Syncro1781664Saloon1987-1988

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